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Hello World...

2017-08-11 02:00:19 by CuntoSupremo


I already resurected my ng account. I had to do it again because of changing emails (long story). I uploaded an animation of gonarch, but it got taken down, so I uploaded the still pinup. I'm working on many things right now. That's the big reason why it will take art ant animation stuff a long time to do. I am also still working on drawing fingers and feet. When I start doing commisions, I will focus on those a little more, since time is money (4 african rocks = my rent - I try to work hard...) I am still in school too. Meaning I am wasting time studying and going on here. However I'm not gonna worry about that right now. The last part of the school year is when I'm going to worry about that. What else... Umm... Well, my lighting skills are shit. So are my subject poses... And color theory... I really made this to put shit on...


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